Nature is full of abundance

Sometimes writers forget to take breaks. We disappear into foreign worlds deep within the pages of our notebooks or screens of our tablets. Hours fly by. We forget to look up, and rarely wander far from our project. The unfortunate side effect is that we isolate ourselves, forgetting about the outside world. Instead, we sit, restlessly struggling with how to transfer ideas to paper. Ironically, the best solution for a frustrated writer may be to break out of isolation, forget about writing, and leave it all behind, at least for a while.

Yesterday, I left all my writing gadgets behind. No pen, no paper, no phone. I left all of those inside and ventured out. The dogwood trees were in full bloom. The azaleas were at their peak. The park was full of giggling children, motivated runners, and dogs chasing frisbees. I watched for a while before continuing on my walk. My first reaction was that I would have missed this if I had stayed at the keyboard. Then, I kept looking up. I’m not sure why, but I felt compelled to look up. I saw birds and a clear sky, and I felt a rush of gratitude. 

We spend so much time striving, pushing forward, and working for tomorrow. We forget about today. Slowing down, and paying attention to what surrounds us right now may be the healthier choice. Remembering to stop, reconnect, and appreciate nature and all its life forms may renew our energy, so we can return more optimistic and productive. We work hard seeking abundance in its many forms as we grow older. But maybe there’s nothing to seek. Maybe abundance has always been here, surrounding us in all her beauty. Maybe while we sit, thinking, working, worrying, she waits patiently, waiting for us to reconnect. If we regain our awareness, forget about distractions, leave manmade walls behind, and venture outdoors, maybe then we can openly invite nature to share her abundance.